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We have the best professional drones in the market to perform all our work. We also have all the necessary software to provide our customers with a complete and detailed study. Below is a brief description of the equipment we currently have.

Applications: Photogrammetry and topography, Construction monitoring, Damage assessments, Mining

Altura Zenith ATX8

A drone created for any environment with the highest load compatibility on the market today. The extracted data can be processed in real time. An accurate and highly professional machine.

  • 100% industrial aircraft.
  • Up to 40 min flight.
  • IP55 protection against electromagnetic interference with TÜV certification.
  • 8 engines.
  • Adaptable payload.

Applications: Photogrammetry and topography, Construction monitoring, Damage assessments, Mining

Hércules 2

The Hercules 2 is a remote-controlled surveillance aircraft, the ultimate tool for improving situational awareness. Silent, with a low noise level and visual signatures.

The Hercules 2 is a 2kg (4.40 lbs) mini drone, with a flight time of 20 minutes and is able to fly up to 90 km/h. It is resistant to winds of up to 40 km/h (24.85 mph) and can fly in moderate rain conditions.

  • Small RTF aircraft (31cmx33cm) compact and ready to fly. Reinforced carbon structure
  • Incorporates AES 256 encrypted transmission.
  • 2 payload versions
    • Colibri Camera 2 Next Vision: dual camera EOx20 /IR
    • Flir DUO Camera

Applications: Inspections, Photogrammetry and topography, Construction monitoring, Damage assessment, Mining

Hércules 10

The Hercules 10 is the definitive solution for the inspection of buildings.
Costly and dangerous scaffolds and ladders are no longer required for site supervision, 3D modeling, thermal inspection and diagnostics. The Hercules 10 can perform a site inspection in minutes and detect cracks, defects, leaks and structural anomalies.

  • Robust carbon fiber and anodized aluminum drone (<10kgr)
  • 4 folding arms for 8 powerful motors
  • Very versatile:
    • Drone Spray captive or autonomous
    • Cameras for agriculture
    • Inspection, surveillance or topography
    • Other sensors or heavy loads

Applications: Agriculture, Inspections, Photogrammetry and Topography, Site Monitoring, Damage Assessment, Mining

Hércules 20

The Hercules 20 can lift up to 15 kg and can carry a wide range of payloads. Lightweight and compact: with its 4 removable arms and landing gear, the Hercules 20 is compact and easy to transport.
Stability: its architecture allows excellent stability and flight resistance, no matter what payload it carries.
Resistant: the carbon fibre frame and the anodised aluminium fixings make the Hercules 20 extremely resistant.

  • Large size aircraft specially designed for the heaviest agricultural or industrial work.
  • Compact and easy to transport.
  • Drone Spray for aerial fumigation.
  • Customizable payloads through universal connection.

Applications: Inspections, Photogrammetry and topography, Site monitoring, Damage assessment, Mining


The Heliplane is a professional drone that combines the benefits of the multi-rotor UAV with the advantages of the fixed-wing UAV. The transition between the two flight modes allows the avoidance of runways for take-off and landing.

  • New hybrid drone type VTOL: it takes off like a multicopter and flies like a fixed wing.
  • 2 versions of wingspan: 230 cm and 270 cm.
  • Up to 60 min autonomy and 10 km distance.
  • High wind resistance.
  • Capacity of 1,6 kgr of useful load.

Applications: Photogrammetry and topography, Site monitoring, Damage assessment, Mining


A remote-controlled, portable and foldable drone that is really powerful and takes great pictures. It features omni-directional obstacle detection, active tracking and rapid-fire modes as well as Hyperlapse.

  • Cámara Haseelblad
  • Sensor: 1″ CMO, 20P
  • Objetivo: FOV 77º
  • Formatos: 35mm:28mm
  • Apertura f/2.8 – f/11
empresa de drones

Applications: Precision agriculture, solar thermal and photovoltaic, photogrammetry.

eBee X SenseFly Parrot

The eBee X adapts to all jobs thanks to its range of innovative cameras. These include the new senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D, for impressive 3D reconstructions of vertical environments, the best senseFly Aeria X RGB photogrammetry camera and the senseFly Duet T for creating high-precision thermal maps. The eBee X allows you to work on virtually any site, thanks to its Steep Landing technology, ultra-robust design and live air traffic data.

  • SenseFly S.O.D.A
  • Parrot Sequoia+
  • MicaSense RedEdge-MX
  • SenseFly Duet T