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Drones are becoming one of the great support tools for surveying jobs. The use of aerial photography with drones, as well as the use of advanced image processing software makes it possible to carry out topography work with drones accurately and quickly.

Professional and authorized operators are a great complement for professional surveyors or for companies that need high value information in reduced times.

The drones or RPAs for topography and cartography together with the high resolution cameras that they can carry on board, generate a high number of high quality images that can cover large extensions per working day where traditional topography would need to dedicate weeks.

Topographic works with drones

With the advanced image processing software, several reports are available in 24 to 48H.

  • Creation of digital models
  • Level curves
  • Mining
  • Measurement of stockpiles
  • Follow-up of works
  • Infrastructure control

Benefits of Drones Topography

The use of drone topography offers great advantages:

  • Cost savings
  • Extensive coverage per working day
  • Reduction of working times
  • Accessibility to hard-to-reach areas
  • Digital model available: point clouds, contour lines, orthophotos, etc.

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Photogrammetric works with drones

  • The processing software and the aerial image allow resolutions from 1 to 2 cm per pixel.
  • They allow real measurements of distances and volumes with a small margin of error.
  • The use of control points adjusts the quality of the images and the reliability of the data obtained.

Flight planning is fundamental to optimize the information obtained and improve the quality of the work, so it is essential to know the tools with which you work.

The fundamental value of a professional pilot is the demand for flight safety and detailed knowledge of the operation of the aircraft he pilots.

The current legislation is very strict regarding the professional use of drones. The use of drones in topography work is not exempt from complying with legal regulations.

For many professionals of topography, public works companies, mining exploitations or any company or individual that requires drones for topographic surveys.