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Our solution for the cleaning of solar panels is the most efficient and modern on the market. Through the use of drones we can perform cleaning much faster than traditional methods and without damage by touching the panel. In addition, the osmosed water we use allows a cleaning without chemical agents that can damage the materials or contaminate the contiguous areas.

The use of a drone specially designed for the cleaning of solar panels makes it possible for us to reach faster where poles are normally used or where personnel must work at height.

The advantages of cleaning solar panels

Many studies have shown that in order to obtain energy yield from photovoltaic panels, it is essential that they are able to capture as much sunlight as possible. Dirt due to dust or other particles on the solar panels reduces the efficiency by up to 25% in the most extreme cases. Cleaning the panels as part of maintenance is the best way to improve the efficiency of your installations.

Optimum panel performance is essential to obtain the right levels of energy so it is necessary to clean the surface of the photovoltaic panels and perform proper maintenance of the facilities.

Increases the performance of photovoltaic panels with an efficient cleaning

Increases production and improves the return on investment in your solar panel farm.

The best investment for your photovoltaic panels

What is osmosed water and why is it used in the cleaning of solar panels? It is filtered water in which as many elements as possible such as chlorine, calcium, nitrates and other substances have been eliminated. It is also used in the cleaning of glass and crystals and is therefore useful for solar panels thanks to its action of attracting dust particles and not leaving residues when drying, making it the perfect solution for solar panels.

placas fotovoltaicas limpiadas com un dron
Dron limpiando placas solares con agua osmotizada
Limpieza de paneles solares