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The dangers of working at heights and the development of technology have made drones the ideal tool for inspections of wind turbines or windmills.

The wind and the expertise of the pilots are a handicap for a correct operation and results.

Fly&Do contributes an evolution to its inspections by optimising flight times and the delivery of results to the client through the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and fully endorsed by experts in the area who review each wind turbine individually.

How to improve the current system?

That drones are currently used for inspections no longer surprises anyone. Specialized companies arise to bring added value to technology as well as safety.

The quality of the aircraft and the cameras installed represent a spectacular advance for high value industrial inspections.

Today a well-trained and trained pilot is perfectly capable of flying over a wind turbine determining the final quality of the images to the individual expertise. In addition, we cannot guarantee in the field that we have taken all the necessary images.

The type of flight performed is somewhat erratic and not optimal.

Dossier - Inspection of wind turbines

Download our dossier of inspections on wind turbines with drones and compare the situation, the cost of your work, time and profitability with what we can offer.

Optimize flights

  • A new system allows you to plan an autonomous flight adapted to each mill.
  • Images of the entire wind turbine are taken and analysed.
  • There is no possibility of “forgetting” to inspect any element.
  • Safety is significantly improved. The pilot focuses his attention on the correct execution of the operation.
  • As a result of the improvement, flight times are optimised and technicians are allowed to increase the number of inspections.

Optimize information

  • All images taken are analyzed in two phases: IA software and expert technicians.
  • The IA software uses high performance calculation systems to perform an exhaustive analysis of each inspection.
  • The results are analysed again by an expert.
  • The information obtained is classified and categorized generating a report with a quick information matrix and is attached to a complete report of each wind turbine.

We increase efficiency

  • Less than 30 minutes per wind turbine.
  • It is not necessary to turn propellers.
  • All the information in 1 flight.
  • Report made and revised by professionals.
  • Inspections in less time.
  • Final reports in less than 1 week.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.