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Inspections with drones are essential for infrastructure maintenance or supervision. It is a great help for prevention and a fundamental contribution to the resolution of problems.

Inspections with high-resolution images and videos help to detect faults or problems where access is difficult. The aerial inspection with drones is a basic evolution to the traditional work and allows to accelerate and to improve the maintenance tasks or corrective works.

A correct use of the services of technical or industrial inspections allows great cost savings in the medium term by being able to treat problems before they are difficult to solve.

Why Perform Drone Inspections?

From Fly&Do we advise other professionals for the development of their activities. The use of drones for professional inspections is regulated by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) so it is mandatory to be legally registered as a Drone Operator. It is not necessary to register as an operator, Fly&Do is a registered operator. We operate on the basis of legal regulations in Spain and Portugal.

Industrial Inspections

  • Photovoltaic and solar plants.
  • Wind turbines.
  • Industrial buildings.

Buildings and infrastructures

  • Roofs and roofs
  • Bridges and infrastructures
  • Building rehabilitation

Agroforestry Inspection

  • Crops
  • Irrigation
  • Disaster assessment
  • Forestry control
  • Illegal farms or structures

Mining and construction

  • Control of evolution of works
  • Mining
  • Data collection for evaluation of public or private works

Learn about drone inspection for your sector

Do you have a project where you need an aerial camera?

Professional Drones for Industrial Inspections

Aerial inspections are usually a great support for other businesses or jobs rather than an end in itself.