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Fly&Do offers air services with drones for various application areas such as agriculture, industry, energy sectors, environment and others.
The services with drones improve the efficiency of the works and bring numerous economic and technical benefits.

Our services with drones, guarantee of a well done job

The different equipments that can be used for different projects make drones an extraordinary tool. The different types of cameras that can be mounted on board, high-resolution RGB (photographic cameras), multispectral cameras or thermal cameras, are very useful for the analysis of information in various technical areas.

The different images are processed by advanced software such as PIX4D, Pix4D Fields and QGIS.

Topography, photogrammetry, precision agriculture or simply inspections or revision of infrastructures, are jobs that already benefit of the use of professional drones.

In our philosophy as a service company with drones is constant innovation so we try to collaborate with companies with high added value for the development of new ideas.

We are pioneers in Spain and Portugal in the use of drones for cleaning services applied to different types of surfaces such as roofs and roofs and especially solar panels.

Our cleaning system does not use high pressure so it will not damage the photovoltaic cells, in addition, the osmosed water we use is 100% environmentally friendly.

We can clean roofs and roofs and gutters, as well as spread roof care products.

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