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Professional Drones Operator Company

Fly&Do is a professional drone operator and company certified by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA).

With presence in Spain and Portugal, we perform air services with drones with a marked interest in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

We have unique equipment in Spain for cleaning solar panels, both in small installations and in large areas such as solar gardens and photovoltaic fields, cleaning roofs, roofs and roofs.

Our services as a drone operating company

We are a drone operator company that complies with AESA’s safety requirements, our equipment complies with all legal regulations and it is insured.

Our aerial operations of filming, aerial imaging, cleaning, inspections and other work are properly coordinated. Our pilots have the most demanding qualifications and training.

Fly&Do is committed to the quality of its work and we focus our efforts on providing a service tailored to the need of each client.

Works that we can carry out as a drone operator




Disaster assessment for insurance companies



Monitoring of works


Roof Inspection

Advantages of hiring a drone company

The use of drones improves the efficiency and safety of jobs as well as providing great advantages:

Reduction of work execution time: aerial services with drones avoid, for example, the assembly of scaffolds for work at heights.
Direct cost savings: Aerial photography is an example of speed in obtaining information; drones help to carry out work more efficiently.
Indirect cost savings: The information obtained has repercussions in the reduction of costs of the companies, a high value for energy companies or agricultural projects.
Reduction of labour risks: the safety of people is fundamental in our philosophy. Drones prevent accidents at heights by avoiding putting the lives of professionals at risk.
Optimization of resources: Solar panels need to be free of dust to be efficient. Our cleaning systems are faster than traditional methods.

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Reduction of work execution time

Reduction of labour risks

Cost reduction